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Artificial Horizon
Heading Indicator

image/svg+xml Standard 0.1695" hole for permanent installation Standard 0.1695" hole for permanent installation Standard 3/8" hole for permanent installation Mounting Holes Full colour brightscreen Display Momentary push switch 360° continuous rotation Rotary Button For 3-1/8” instrumentcutout Rim 12V power and RS232 Traffic Data RJ45 5V power and Traffic Data USB-B 12V power DC Jack UNC thread for temporary installation accessories Mounting Thread Back Front
Supported Devices
Below you see all the devices that are supported with the Aircrew.
PilotAware SkyEcho Stratux PowerFLARM Core PowerFLARM Portable
Traffic and GPS over WiFi or USB Traffic and GPS over WiFi Traffic and GPS over WiFi Traffic and GPS from RJ45 Traffic and GPS from RJ45

We can add support for other devices, contact us for more information!

Where does the GPS and traffic data come from?
The GPS and traffic data comes from an external traffic reciever such as the ones above.

How do you swap between the screens?
A short press of the button cycles you through the three screens, and a long press opens up the side menu.

How can I update the software
You can update the software by connecting to a WiFi hotspot or plugging the device into a computer.

How can I connect to PilotAware
You can plug the Aircrew directly into the PilotAware USB port, which will provide the device with both power and traffic data over one single cable. The other option is to connect to PilotAware over WiFi and then power the Aircrew using either the 12v DC jack or from a USB power source.

How much does the device weigh?
200 grams

Whats the power consumption
2 watts ~

Where is the heading derived from?
The heading can be set to either use the magnetic heading from the devices internal sensor or the GPS heading from a traffic reciever

What is the speed tape?
The left hand tape is ground speed from GPS. The device does not currently have pito/static input.

What is the altitude tape?
The right hand tape can be set to use the GPS altitude or the altitude from the internal baromter